It is my pleasure to welcome you to Penguin Heights! I would take you through the philosophy and vision behind our newly established institution in Kota.

My wife, Dr. Sangeeta Kacker and I dedicated a lifetime in establishing & mentoring successful schools in Kota & beyond. We always believed that education is the soul of any thriving society. With that vision and experience, we wanted to be at the forefront of providers of good quality education.

In this endeavor, we are joined by our children who bring on board varied experience, skills, innovation, dynamism and international knowhow.

Our philosophy is to provide a fun-filled and engaging environment that keeps children joyfulness, spontaneity, creativity alive without any fear of consequence and judgement. At Penguin Heights, we believe that ‘when the root is deep…there is no reason to fear the wind’. We strive to build strong foundation with right values and character that can withstand any challenge & competition.

With the blessings of my mother, Late Smt. Kamla Devi Kacker, I am honored to open the doors of our school in March 2019 for parents and students of Kota.

Dr. Sangeeta Kacker
Educationist & Philanthropist
Rohan Kakkar
Aircraft Engineer
Shilpi Kakkar
Psychologist & Researcher
Varun Kacker
Marketing Professional

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